The Breuss Cancer Cure

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By Rudolf Breuss with Hilde Hemmes

    • Discover the story behind Rudolf Breuss.
    • Learn about the therapeutic use of organic juices and herbal teas.
    • Over 1 million copies sold worldwide.
    • Amazing insight into exactly what cancer is.
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The Breuss Cancer Cure is an extraordinary book which has sold over one million copies world wide! Austrian healer, Rudolf Breuss, spent over 40 years developing his Total Cancer Treatment, and his simple but effective diet, lasting up to six weeks, is detailed in this book. The Breuss Cancer Cure is essential reading for every family - it not only provides a proven solution to one of the most feared diseases on earth, but it gives you an amazing insight into exactly what cancer is, what feeds the cancer and what you need to do to prevent it.

Through the therapeutic use of special vegetables and herbal teas, the author has cured over 45,000 patients with cancer, leukaemia and many other seemingly incurable diseases. Not only illness is dealt with, Breuss has cures for those with less serious ailments such as hay fever, sore throat and even infertility has a treatment. This book is truly inspiring, giving hope to those afflicted with serious illness.

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