Are there any teas that are safe to drink while pregnant?

Yes – Camomile and Peppermint are safe to drink during pregnancy, plus Raspberry Leaf can be used in the 3rd trimester.

Why do some of your extracts contain alcohol?

Alcohol extracts substances that water alone cannot extract (polar substances) and also acts as a preservative. For example, Swedish Bitters extract contains 40% v/v (per volume) alcohol, also known as ethanol, but when taken as directed, it will not make someone intoxicated.

How can I learn more about herbs?

The Australian School of Herbal Medicine website: http://www.asohm.com.au shows you how you can gain herbal knowledge by enrolling in their Fundamental Herbology Course.

Can I place an order other than online?

If you are unable to order online, you can place an order over the phone or post / fax / email an order form to us – details available through Contact Us.

Can you ship overseas?

We can send our products to most countries, excluding USA – for international shipping quotes and enquiries please Contact Us.

Are your products available outside Australia?

Please Contact Us for the availability of products outside Australia.

I am interested in stocking Hilde Hemmes' products in my business - how do I open a trading account?

Please Contact Us if you wish to apply for an account to sell our products to your customers/clients.