Biotta Mountain Cranberry Nectar – 500mL


  • 100% certified organic.
  • High in vitamins, enzymes, minerals and antioxidants.
  • Full of nutrients and extremely beneficial when fasting.
  • Ideal for Hilde Hemmes’ Six and Ten Day Detox Programs.
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The cranberry is best known for its popularised link with American Thanksgiving dinners, where dollops of cranberry sauce are devoured with generous servings of roast turkey, accompanied by an endless supply of cranberry juice.

Around the same time as the original Thanksgiving dinner, German scientists discovered that after eating cranberries, the urine that was passed contained a bacteria-fighting chemical known as hippuric acid. Also, unaware of their high vitamin C content, cranberries became a favourite among sailors because those who ate them did not develop scurvy.

As the scientific community becomes increasingly interested in the amazing benefits of the cranberry, new possibilities continue to emerge almost daily. The flavonoids contained in cranberries are powerful antioxidants which are significantly more potent than those found in any other commonly-eaten fruit. In time, these possibilities will be turned into solutions, but what we already know is that this amazing berry has the unequivocal ability to enhance the health and well-being of every man, woman and child.

Biotta, the manufacturer of organic cranberry juice, preserves all juices naturally, using a special process based on lactic acid fermentation.

For a little berry, the cranberry and its juice is so full of nutrients that it makes it extremely beneficial during juice fasting.

Biotta Organic Juices are ideal during Hilde Hemmes’ Six and Ten Day Detox Programs.

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