Biotta Carrot Juice – 500mL


  • 100% certified organic*.
  • High in carotene, vitamins, enzymes, minerals and antioxidants.
  • Helps to maintain proper pH balance in the intestines.
  • Ideal for Hilde Hemmes’ Six and Ten Day Detox Programs.
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The carrot has a long and noble history. The Romans were very partial to carrots and imported them from the Germanic tribes. Charles the Great, of France, had special areas in his kitchen gardens full of different types of carrots and, as early as the thirteenth century, we find the carrot mentioned in many herbal books.

It has been said many times by the most eminent of natural healers that the humble carrot is the most valuable of all the root vegetables. This may be true - but with one proviso, that the carrot has been grown organically.

Carrots, like most vegetables, are very susceptible to any chemical that has been used in either fertiliser, pesticide or a detergent used in the cleaning process. One must always choose carrots which have been certified organic and are, therefore, free from all the man-made harmful residues used in commercial agriculture.


Biotta Carrot Juice was the first juice Biotta produced in 1957. Since then Biotta have been crafting this freshly pressed juice from premium organic Thurgau carrots. The juice of eight whole carrots can be found in every bottle.

Organically-grown vegetables are widely acknowledged as having greater nutritional value than those produced using chemical fertilisers and pesticides. All Biotta ingredients are grown on Biotta's own farms and monitored by BioSuisse, an independent organic certification agency.

Most of Biotta's fresh vegetable extracts go through lactofermentation - a process used for centuries as a natural method of preservation. This is done without the addition of any bacteria: the vegetables are allowed to develop naturally by the gentle application of heat over 24 hours, which eventually accomplishes pasteurisation.

Biotta has been making high quality organic juices in Switzerland for over 30 years.

  • 100% organic*
  • Naturally vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Nothing artificial
  • NOT reconstituted from concentrate
  • Full of plant based nutrients


Carrots contain carotene which is converted to vitamin A when ingested by the body. It is best to use organic carrot juice because the carotene lies in the cellulose walls of the vegetable and this is only released when the cell walls are broken down by chewing or cutting. Chewing is not always an efficient way of obtaining optimum amounts of carotene from the carrot; ingestion can only be assured when all the cell walls are broken down by juice extraction methods.

Many people have sluggish intestines accumulating a lot of waste which, as we now know, should be clean and free of decomposing fermented matter. Juice fasting with the inclusion of organic carrot juice promotes good health and is a protection against developmental disturbances. Due to its alkalising action in the body, carrot juice helps to maintain proper pH balance in the intestines.

Carrot juice is rich in beta-carotene, a precursor to vitamin A. When converted to vitamin A, Beta-carotene contributes to the maintenance of normal skin and mucous membranes. This is based on the consumption of 100 ml of carrot juice daily, which provides 3.4 mg of beta-carotene (70% NRV of vitamin A)

Biotta's Carrot Juice made only from organic carrots, is naturally preserved to maintain its nutritional value.

Biotta Organic Juices are ideal during Hilde Hemmes' Six and Ten Day Detox Programs.

*Certified organic by: bio.inspecta AG, CH-BIO-006

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