Biotta Beetroot Juice – 500mL


  • 100% certified organic.
  • High in vitamins, enzymes, minerals and antioxidants.
  • Used for heart health.
  • Ideal for Hilde Hemmes’ Six and Ten Day Detox Programs.       
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The juice from the beetroot must be the most popular of all the root vegetables. It is also one of the most valuable, containing four vitamins, nine important minerals and over 200 different active elements, many of which are still to be researched.

Beetroot contains an active substance, betanin, the pigment responsible for the rich red colour we find in this remarkable vegetable. Beetroot juice is easily assimilated into the body as its amino acid content helps the chelation process.

It is important to understand a little bit about the chelation process, which is the way the digestive system ensures the absorption of mineral elements in the foods we eat. Minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium will not pass through the walls of the small intestine and then into the bloodstream, unless they are ‘enveloped’ by a particular combination of amino acids – a different combination for each different mineral element. These particular amino acids have to be present in the right number each time the mineral is consumed, for absorption to take place, which is why organic beetroot juice should be taken every day.

The high potassium and sodium content of the beetroot provides a good solvent for inorganic calcium deposits that have accumulated in the body. Evidence suggests that beetroot juice is an important substance and its multiple beneficial effects are still to be explored.

Biotta has been making high quality organic juices in Switzerland for over 30 years. All juices are prepared using a lactic acid fermentation process – a natural preservation method.

Biotta’s organic Beetroot Juice is an effective digestive regulator with wonderfully nourishing and purifying qualities. It forms the basis of the world-famous Breuss Vegetable Juice recipe for his 21 and 42 day detoxification programs.

Biotta Organic Juices are ideal during Hilde Hemmes’ Six and Ten Day Detox Programs.

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