Beta-Lax Teabags


  • Assists in the treatment of constipation.                                                        

AUD $10.82 each

Bile-Flow Teabags
  • Stimulates the flow of bile.
  • Aids digestion.
  • Assists in the treatment of mild digestive disorders                                    such as fullness and bloating.

AUD $13.18 each

Bloat-Rid Teabags


  • Assists in the management of mild, cramp-like, gastrointestinal disorders such as bloating, flatulence and nervous heart complaints.

AUD $12.03 each

BowelKlenz Teabags

AUD $20.34 each

Camomile Teabags
  • Assists in the management of gastrointestinal complaints such as minor spasms, flatulence, belching, colic and epigastric distension. 
  • Relieves symptoms of gastritis and enteritis.
  • Beneficial for external use, gargle and inhalation.

AUD $10.65 each

Cold-Rid Teabags


  • For the relief of symptoms of colds and upper respiratory tract infections.

AUD $13.93 each

Dandelion Root Teabags


  • Helps regulate liver and gallbladder function.                                             
  • Stimulates appetite and bile flow.
  • Useful for dyspepsia and fluid retention.

AUD $13.78 each

Digest-Rite Teabags
  • Helps to stimulate and aid digestion.
  • Helps maintain healthy digestive function.
  • Relief of symptoms of dyspepsia such as bloating,                       fullness, heartburn, abdominal pain and nausea.

AUD $11.99 each

Elimo-Cough Teabags


  • For the relief of bronchial cough and catarrh in the                                       upper respiratory tract.
  • Has expectorant and antispasmodic actions.

AUD $15.08 each

Hawthorn Teabags


  • Used as a heart tonic to maintain a healthy heart.
  • Helps optimise cardiovascular, circulatory and heart function.                 

AUD $11.73 each

Herba-Calm Teabags


  • Relief from sleeplessness and nervous unrest.                                          

AUD $12.01 each

Herba-Diuretica Teabags


  • Aids in the treatment of fluid retention.                                                           
AUD $13.37 each
KBM-Kidney Bladder Mix Teabags
  • Helps maintain healthy bladder and kidney function.                                            
  • Promotes the flow of urine.

AUD $12.62 each

Laxative Teabags
  • Assists in the treatment of constipation.                                                         
  • Used in the Hilde Hemmes' Detox Programs.

AUD $16.50 each
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Liquorice Root Teabags


  • For the relief of catarrh, bronchial cough and chronic gastritis.
  • Beneficial for gastric, intestinal and mouth ulcers.                                      

AUD $11.32 each

Passionflower Teabags


  • Relief of symptoms of nervous tension, restlessness                               
    and irritable sleeplessness.

AUD $13.28 each

Peppermint Teabags


  • For digestive disorders such as dyspepsia, flatulence and colic.            
  • Relieves symptoms of gastritis / enteritis.
  • Helps spasmodic conditions of the gall bladder and bile duct.

AUD $11.14 each

ProstaLobium® Teabags


  • Maintains normal prostate and urinary tract function.
  • Has anti-inflammatory and exudative properties.                                  
AUD $17.39 each
Raspberry Leaf Teabags
  • Traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to prepare the                   uterus for childbirth and to relieve symptoms of diarrhoea and dysmenorrhoea (painful / profuse menstruation).
  • May be gargled to relieve minor inflammations associated with               bleeding gums / sore throat / mouth ulcers / tonsillitis.

AUD $12.38 each

Sage Teabags
  • For the relief of indigestion symptoms such as bloating, heartburn,         fullness, abdominal pain and nausea.
  • Helps reduce excessive perspiration including night sweats.
  • Gargle for the symptomatic relief of laryngitis / tonsillitis / mouth ulcers.
  • Assists in the management of sore throats and painful gums.

AUD $12.38 each

Spring Klenz Teabags
  • Helps maintain healthy bladder and kidney function.                                 
  • Promotes the flow of urine.
  • Used in the Hilde Hemmes' Detox Programs. 

AUD $16.50 each

St John's Wort Teabags


  • For the symptomatic relief of anxiety, nervous unrest,                 restlessness and sleeplessness.
  • Assists in the management of mood swings.

AUD $12.67 each

Stinging Nettle Teabags


  • Relieves symptoms of rheumatic conditions.                                               
  • Helps maintain normal urinary tract function.
  • Has an anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect                                               on the lower urinary tract.

AUD $9.31 each